Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Partners.

How they are helping.

Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Partners.

How they are helping.

Assistance Resources from RPOSD

RPOSD provides a wide variety of technical assistance services to applicants, grantees, and all other stakeholders on an ongoing basis.
Resources available online can be found at the following links:

In addition to the services RPOSD provides in-house, we have partnered with a team of experts to develop Technical Resources and the Urban Parks Technical Assistance Program (Urban Parks TAP). To learn more about the programs being developed and learn more about our partners, see below.

GreenInfo Network Logo

GreenInfo Network (GIN)

GreenInfo Network (GIN) is working closely with the District to develop a new Parks Geospatial Data Portal for park and amenity inventory. This will replace the portal developed for the Park Needs Assessment in 2015. This portal is the tool for ongoing data updates from the many public and private park agencies within the County. It will be available to these park agencies for regular data updates so that the data about parks throughout the County will be updated and available annually on the County’s data portal.

Separately, GIN will be working with CNC providing GIS and cartographic support to for the Urban Parks Technical Assistance Program (UTAP) . This work involves extensive design and production of print maps for use in Community Ambassadors work by the CNC team, which will drive the identification and selection of priority project locations.

Who GIN Is: GIN creates visual maps, graphics and tools from analysis of multiple sets of data. GIN is a non-profit organization that assists others in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and related information technologies.

To learn more about GreenInfo Network, click here.

Nature For All logo

Nature For All

Nature For All, through its Leadership Academy, is providing Community Capacity Development for communities that have Very High or High Park Need. Their work will be funded by Measure A over a three year period. The programs that they have developed educate and train  local community members how to work with the elected officials and government staff on communicating the needs of their neighborhoods. The program also provides education and training for community members in the planning, design, and use of public funds in parks, transit and water projects. Nature For All’s work is funded by multiple public and private organizations and is focused in three engagement areas within Los Angeles County: San Fernando Valley (SFV), South East Los Angeles (SELA), and San Gabriel Valley (SGV).

Who Nature For All Is: Nature For All is a non-profit which advocates for policies and programs that will protect the mountains and rivers in our area, to conserve resources and be more climate-resilient; create more natural spaces such as parks and bike paths in our historically underserved neighborhoods; and connect people and public lands through more trails and other outdoor recreational opportunities, to improve public health.

To learn more about Nature For All, click here.

Council for Watershed Health logo

Council for Watershed Health (CWH)

CWH is the lead organization for the District’s Technical Assistance Program in developing resources for use in understanding where biodiversity and water management can be integrated within a park project. These resources will identify and screen urban park opportunities, support park planning and design processes, strengthen Community Outreach and Engagement, and support Measure A grantmaking for all communities within the County.

Who CWH is: CWH is a non-profit whose work since 1996 has sought to advance the health and sustainability of our region’s watersheds, rivers, streams and habitats – both in natural areas and urban neighborhoods. CWH strives to preserve, restore and enhance the Region’s Watersheds through research, policy development and projects.

To learn more about Council for Watershed Health, click here.

Stillwater Sciences logo

Stillwater Sciences

Stillwater Sciences is working in partnership with the Council for Watershed Health, in developing resources for use in understanding where biodiversity and water management can be integrated within a park project. They have many years of work within the County and across the country developing park projects that integrate these critical elements that enable parks to be more cost effective to operate, provide much needed habitat as well as manage stormwater in a natural manner.

Who Stillwater Sciences is: Stillwater Sciences approaches watershed analysis and restoration with rigorous science, innovation, and a collaborative decision-making process. By integrating geomorphic and biological research to understand critical ecosystem processes, they work to identify effective measures for restoring and managing rivers and their floodplains as functioning ecosystems within the context of current conditions and future climate change.

To learn more about Stillwater Sciences, click here.

UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation Logo

UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation (LCI)

LCI will support Measure A Technical Assistance Program by creating an Urban Parks Narrative. This story telling narrative will be developed by research and observation of park projects and programs in development across the county. LCI will also be  developing a set of performance metrics for the District regarding Urban Parks that will be refined through user surveys.

Who LSI is: LCI conducts rigorous research and timely outreach that informs environmental policies for the health of people and the planet. LCI then shares research findings with community leaders and policymakers, who use LCI’s research to design evidence-based environmental policies.

To learn more about UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, click here.

placeworks logo


PlaceWorks supported the District in the implementation of Measure A by assisting in the development of the polices, processes and framework for collecting and disbursing Measure A funds. They helped in the development of the work of the Steering Committee as well as the initial Technical Assistance Program materials. This project integrated many of PlaceWorks’ focus areas: facilitation of community meetings, economics, policy and process development, park planning, technology, graphic design, and outreach.

Who PlaceWorks is: PlaceWorks is a private planning firm, whose approach is holistic and brings together people from diverse practice areas to offer integrated and comprehensive expertise.

To learn more about PlaceWorks, click here.

Community Nature Connection Logo

Community Nature Connection (CNC)

CNC is the lead organization for the District on the development of the Urban Technical Assistance Program (UTAP), a ground-breaking way to incubate and develop park projects in High and Very High Need Areas of the County.  CNC is working with partners to develop several items for UTAP: A Best Practices in Technical Assistance (for parks projects and funding) Report; the training and development of Community Ambassadors and local Park Visioning Workshops; development of tools and the processes for providing Measure A resources that will help community members and organizations develop a park idea into a park project;

Who CNC is:  Community Nature Connection is a non-profit that for over 25 years has developed and implemented programs that remove barriers to accessing nature and public lands for underserved communities in Southern California. These programs drive forward CNC’s mission to increase access to the outdoors for diverse communities through innovative programming and in partnership with the communities we serve.
To learn more about Community Nature Connection, click here.

Estolano Advisors Logo

Estolano Advisors (EA)

EA is working with CNC to help develop the Urban Parks TAP for the District.  EA is working on the development and implementation of the tools and the processes for providing Measure A resources that will help communities and organizations develop a park idea into a park project

Who EA Is: EA is a leading expert on contemporary urban planning issues with experience in economic and workforce development, land use, environmental equity, and urban revitalization for cities and communities across the country. EA works directly with public, private, institutional and non-profit clients to plan, finance, design, implement, and operate policy-driven programs and projects that promote sustainable solutions tailored for each community.
To learn more about Estolano Advisors, click here.

Feldman Consulting Logo

Feldman Consulting

Feldman Consulting is working with CNC to create the Urban Parks TAP program. Their work involves development of tools and the processes for providing Measure A resources that will help community members and organizations develop a park idea into a park project.

Who Feldman Consulting Is: Feldman Consulting specializes in innovative approaches, providing expertise on the decision-making and funding processes of federal, state, regional, county, and city public agencies, and on integrating multiple benefits to create successful landmark conservation, park, community-serving and development projects.