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Funded by Measure A

The Maintenance and Servicing (M&S) Program is designed to support RPOSD-funded capital outlay projects that are maintained and operated in perpetuity per grant agreement. This program is supported by M&S funds that are administered separately from RPOSD’s grant programs.

Under Measure A, these funds are set aside to maintain and service, including resource protection activities for the capital outlay, projects funded by RPOSD. The funds shall be allocated annually to each recipient and shall be available only to entities that can certify:

  • Such funds shall be used only to maintain and service projects that received funding from RPOSD’s Proposition A or Measure A.
  • Such funds shall not be used to fund existing levels of service but only to supplement or enhance existing service levels.
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Access Measure A M&S

Applications for the M&S Program are available on RPOSD’s Grants Management System (GMS) for eligible entities. After registering on the GMS, recipients of past RPOSD grants (Recipients) can apply for Measure A M&S funds to offset increased maintenance costs resulting from RPOSD-funded projects, inclusive of those funded by Proposition A (Prop A). Eligible recipients would be able to view and apply for the following M&S funding opportunity:

Maintenance and Servicing – Prop A and Measure A

Additionally, Measure A allocates 4.5 percent of available M&S funds for eligible nonprofit organizations that own and/or operate parklands consistent with the Measure. Eligible organizations may apply for the following opportunity when open:

Measure A Maintenance and Servicing Funds for Nonprofit Organizations

Recipients must use maintenance and servicing funds from Prop A first before using funds from Measure A. This policy is automatically applied on GMS so that recipients will be applying to access any remaining M&S funds allocated from Prop A before Measure A.

Policies for the application and usage of M&S funds differ in Prop A and Measure A.

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