Property Tax Resources

Property Tax Information Line

For assistance regarding non-District related tax questions, you can call the Property Tax Information Line at the numbers below:

888.807.2111 toll-free

Los Angeles County Property Tax Portal

The Los Angeles County Property Tax Portal Website provides a general overview on the tax process, due dates, tax news, FAQ’s and contact information.


Assesses all real estate and personal property including businesses, manufactured homes, boats, and planes, located throughout Los Angeles County.

  • Assessed Values
  • Change in Ownership
  • Exemptions – General
  • Parent/Child or Senior Citizen Transfers
  • Name/Address Change
  • Property Maps & Data
  • Supplemental Bills
  • Decline In Value

Visit Assessor Website


Receives assessments from the Assessor and applies appropriate tax rates to determine the actual amount of property taxes owed.

  • Special Districts
  • General Tax Levy
  • Tax Rate Areas
  • Other Direct Assessments

Visit Auditor Controller Website


Mails out property tax bills, collects payments, and deposits in the County Treasury.

  • Due Dates
  • Delinquent Taxes
  • Payment Amounts
  • Payment Posting
  • Tax Bills
  • Tax Postponement & Assistance Programs

Visit Treasurer & Tax Collector Website

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