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Funded by Proposition A

The Maintenance and Servicing (M&S) Program is designed to support RPOSD-funded capital outlay projects that are maintained and operated in perpetuity per grant agreement. This program is supported by M&S funds that are administered separately from RPOSD’s grant programs.

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The Safe Neighborhood Parks Propositions of 1992 and 1996 provide Maintenance & Servicing (M&S) Funds to offset the increased maintenance and servicing costs resulting from Proposition A (Prop A) grant-funded projects. Prop A M&S funds can only be used and applied to projects that received RPOSD grant funds under Prop A.  

Access Prop A M&S

Applications for the M&S Program are available on RPOSD’s Grants Management System (GMS) for eligible entities. After registering on the GMS, recipients of past RPOSD grants can apply for Proposition A M&S funds to offset increased maintenance costs resulting from Proposition A-funded projects. Eligible recipients can view and apply for the following  M&S funding opportunity:

Maintenance and Servicing – Prop A and Measure A

Recipients must use maintenance and servicing funds from Prop A first before using funds from Measure A. This policy is automatically applied on GMS so that recipients will be applying to access any remaining M&S funds allocated from Prop A before Measure A.

Policies for the application and usage of M&S funds differ in Prop A and Measure A.

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