Meet Your Grants Officer

RPOSD’s Grants Officers are here to assist grantees in utilizing their Prop A and Measure A funded dollars to the fullest. We encourage you to contact your Grants Officer with any questions that may arise or if you require assistance in completing payment requests or managing maintenance and service funds associated with your Prop A or Measure A grant-funded projects.

Portrait image of Agie
Grants Section Manager

Agie Jordan III

Grants Section Assistant Manager

LaTrina Phillips

Portrait image of Misha
Grants Section Assistant Manager

Misha Hughes

Portrait image of Steven
Grants Officer

Steven Chang
Office Phone:626.588.5042
Telework Phone:626.265.7072

Grants Officer

Danielle Lewis
Office Phone:626.588.5038
Telework Phone:Pending

Portrait image of Suzie
Grants Officer

Suzie Hsi
Office Phone:626.588.5037
Telework Phone:626.265.9033

Portrait image of Martha
Grants Officer

Martha Lopez
Office Phone:626.588.5041
Telework Phone:626.265.9148

Portrait image of Arcy
Grants Officer

Arcy Navarrete
Office Phone:626.588.5043
Telework Phone:Pending

Grants Officer

Denise Velasco
Office Phone:626.588.5023
Telework Phone:Pending

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