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Measure A

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The Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District (RPOSD) is responsible for implementing and administering the Los Angeles County Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Measure of 2016 (Measure A). On this page, you can access and refer to current and previous editions of the Measure A Grants Administrative Manual (GAM).

January 2022 Edition of Measure A GAM

RPOSD has updated the Measure A Grants Administration Manual (GAM). The January 2022 edition will apply to all active and future grant programs.

On December 15, 2021, RPOSD hosted a virtual Information Session to discuss the most recent updates. Recording of the Information Session and the PowerPoint presentation are available on this webpage. In addition, we accepted questions regarding the GAM updates. The submissions will be collected, answered, and compiled into a list of “Questions & Answers” (Q&A). Once available, it will be listed alongside the current edition of the GAM and its redline version, highlighting the updates that were made.

12.15.2021 Virtual Information Session:

April 2021 Edition of Measure A GAM

This GAM was revised from the March 2021 edition and has since been replaced with the current January 2022 edition.

Update Summary: for explanations to this update, including specific revisions that was implemented on July 1, 2021.

FAQ: for our responses to questions compiled from our previous town hall meetings regarding the update and revisions.

Please note that this document has been updated to fix typographical errors in the M&S Expenditure Eligibility section regarding police and security patrols on 4/28/2021. 

March 2021 Edition of Measure A GAM

At the end of 2020, RPOSD shared that there are updates of the Grants Administration Manual in the works in our quarterly newsletters. In early February, it was announced that these updates will be effective on  March 1, 2021 and a preview was made available on this page. A Town Hall took place on February 23, 2021 to introduce the updates behind the new edition. Another one took place on March 4, 2021 for those who were not able to attend the first one.

On March 10, 2021, the District Administrator wrote a message to address the feedback received from the two Town Hall meetings.

As relayed in the message, the District has taken feedback into careful consideration and decided to allow for indirect/overhead reimbursement, with clear criteria, and a cap and grantee requirements for documentation to support the expenditures.  It was announced that the District staff will provide an update to the GAM on March 31, 2021 to reflect this adjustment.

Revisions were made to the following sections:
  • Section 1.9 – Branding Policy
  • Section 2.1.9 – Planning and Design Projects using Annual Allocations
  • Section 2.2.1-2.2.3 – Evaluation Criteria – Natural Lands, Local Beaches, Water Conservation and Protection Program (Category 3), Regional Recreation, Multi-Use Trails and Accessibility Program (Category 4), and Acquisition-Only Competitive Grant Programs
  • Section 2.4 – Technical Assistance Program
  • Section 3.3.6 – Community Engagement and Outreach (Virtual Engagement)
  • Section 3.4.4 – Eligible/Ineligible Expenses for Grants
  • Section 3.4.4 – Advanced Funds Policy
  • Section 3.4.4 – Supporting documentation requirements for Grant reimbursements
  • Section 3.4.8 – Eligible/Ineligible Expenses for Maintenance and Servicing
  • Section 3.4.8 – Supporting documentation requirements for Maintenance and Servicing reimbursements
  • Appendix B – Displacement Avoidance Goals and Objectives

March 2019 Edition of the Measure A GAM