• June 1, 2020

Steering Committee Starts Discussion on Measure A Implementation

Steering Committee Starts Discussion on Measure A Implementation

Steering Committee Starts Discussion on Measure A Implementation 1024 683 RPOSD

The Measure A Implementation Steering Committee (Steering Committee) was created as an advisory group to provide guidance and make recommendations at key steps of the implementation process. The group first convened in April 2017 and met 14 times, concluding in June 2018. The Steering Committee consisted of 46 members with expertise in parks, recreation, and open space as well as related local community issues in Los Angeles County. Members provided personal and professional insights and preferences based on their experience as members of the community and practitioners in their respective fields, although they had no authority to execute recommendations that arose throughout the course of the process. The Steering Committee’s three main functions were to:

  1. Provide feedback and direction to RPOSD staff and its consultants regarding the implementation of Measure A, with the goal of creating processes, systems, and communication strategies that support the efficient, equitable, and sustainable distribution of Measure A funds.
  2. Make recommendations to RPOSD and its consultants at key project milestones.
  3. Communicate information about the implementation of Measure A to other Los Angeles County residents and organizations in order to raise awareness of the ongoing processes and funding opportunities available through RPOSD.

RPOSD is very appreciative towards the members of the Steering Committee for their dedication and hard work over 16 months. All the drafts, notes, agendas, and other documents can be found in the following expandable list of the Steering Committee meetings and workshops that took place during the Implementation of Measure A:

The work of the Steering Committee and its recommendations for developing and implementing Measure A guidelines, policies, and procedures are documented in the Proceedings of the Measure A Implementation Steering Committee. This document was used to inform the development of a series of Board Letters, that were submitted by RPOSD to its governing body, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors (BOS). The Board Letters contained RPOSD’s recommendations for final Measure A policies, developed in accordance with Measure A ballot language and Steering Committee recommendations.

Proceedings of the MEASURE A Implementation Steering Committee

ProceedingsAppendix AAppendix B | Appendix C (1)Appendix C (2) | Appendix D

Procedimientos del Comité Directivo para la Implementación de la MEDIDA A

Procedimientos | Anexo A | Anexo B | Anexo C (1) | Anexo C (2) | Anexo D

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