“What if I have a concern about my local park?”

and other Frequently Asked Questions regarding Parks, Open Spaces, and the District

RPOSD is a granting agency and does not own or operate any parks or facilities. If you have questions about your favorite park or recreational amenity, we recommend contacting the agency who owns and operates that facility.

It is very likely that your local leadership or direct open space representative overseeing your community or park of interest is already a Grantee of the District. You can also contact us directly to inquire about the best contact for your cause.

No. All County Regional Parks, amenities, and facilities are managed and operated by the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). 

The Los Angeles Regional Park and Open Space District (RPOSD) is purely a grantmaking organization. All grant projects funded by us are owned and operated by public agencies or non-profit organizations.

We are a special dependent district governed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in ex officio capacity as the RPOSD’s Board of Directors. The Director of DPR also serves ex officio as the Director of RPOSD.

RPOSD generates revenue from local property tax assessments and administers grants and maintenance funding to the 88 cities, County Departments, State and local agencies, and non-profit organizations to acquire, develop, restore, rehabilitate, and/or improve land for parks, recreation, and related purposes Countywide.

Since 1992 when it was created with the approval of Proposition A, the Safe Neighborhood Parks Act.

Measure A was passed by LA County voters in November of 2016. The intent of Measure A is to continue local park funding for all the 88 cities and unincorporated areas of LA County. Learn more about Proposition A and Measure A by exploring our timeline.

RPOSD grants have helped fund everything from projects such as Griffith Park and The Hollywood Bowl as well as walking and hiking trails, senior centers, tree planting programs, graffiti removal, playground and fitness equipment, as well as restoration of rivers, streams and beaches throughout Los Angeles County.

To learn more about some of our recent projects, CLICK HERE.

Individuals are not eligible for our grants. Eligibility for our grants may differ by programs, please consult the webpages under the menu tab “Grantees” for more resources and information.

We recommend consulting with your local park agency responsible for overseeing parks and open space in your city or community. RPOSD serves 88 cities and Los Angeles County Departments responsible for maintaining and serving parks through out the county region. You can visit Our Grantees  page on the website for more information on who to contact directly.

To learn more about applying for a grant, you can visit the MANAGE YOUR GRANT page for either Measure A or Proposition A.

TAP is short for Technical Assistance Program (TAP), which was established by RPOSD with Measure A approval and funding to assist agencies and organizations develop eligible park projects and strong applications for our grants, helping communities create multi-benefit park projects and programs throughout L.A. County. Promoting park equity being at TAP’s core, additional support is available for grant writing and application, Planning and Design, innovation, and construction management.

We have three resourceful webpages regarding TAP, each with it’s own focus:

  • TAP Information & Resources is for those who would like to learn about this program in general. The page contains TAP resources available to everyone, including upcoming workshops and toolkits.
  • TAP Services is for those who are interested in learning more about specialized support and resources available for projects that serve PNA Study Areas designated as High or Very High Park Need.
  • TAP Partners is for those who are interested in providing consulting for TAP eligible projects and becoming a Qualified Vendor.

Please review TAP Partners, one of the three webpages we have regarding RPOSD’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP), to see if your organization is eligible to become a Qualified Vendor to provide professional consulting services to our eligible grantees. We are accepting Statement of Qualifications from those interested in becoming Qualified Vendors. The solicitation process is an open request with no scheduled end date. More information can be found on the Technical Assistance Program webpage.

The Request for Statement of Qualifications (RFSQ) can be found on the webpage, or here are the direct links:

For more information, you may visit the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District’s Competitive Grant Programs webpage. This is the main page for the Measure A Competitive Grant Programs resources. Guidelines for each of the active competitive grant programs are on our webpage.

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