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As of April 2019, the Proposition A Grants Administration Manual has been approved to replace the Procedural Guide as the most current reference for Proposition A grants and grant projects. Please click here to to view the document.


Before you begin your project, familiarize yourself with the conditions and requirements outlined in the project agreement. If you have any questions or require additional clarification please contact your Program Manager.

Please note that all applicable items from the Project Packet must be received before the District will reimburse any development and/or acquisition costs.

All amendment requests will be carefully evaluated and must be approved by the District in writing. Grantees may submit amendment requests for changes to grant amounts, project scopes, and/or performance period end dates.

If Board approval is not required for the modification, the District will initiate an amendment into the Project Agreement. If Board approval is required, the governing body of the Grantee must adopt a Resolution authorizing the modification and submit the Resolution to the District. The District will then submit the modification to the Board of Supervisors for approval.

Amendment Requests for Changes to Grant Amounts and Project Scopes:

The Grantee must submit the amendment request in writing (formal letter or e-mail) and include the following:

  1. Justification for the request
  2. Revised cost estimate based on the new grant amount and/or new project scope
  3. Revised site plan, if applicable
Amendment Requests for Changes to Performance Period End Dates:

The Grantee must submit the amendment request in writing (formal letter or e-mail) and include the following:

  1. Justification for the request
  2. Proposed performance period end date
  3. Revised project timeline

For additional information on amendments, refer to pages 23-24 of the Procedural Guide.

Payment of grant funds is made on a reimbursement basis. All costs charged to the grant must be supportable by invoices, purchase orders, canceled warrants, and/or other records. These documents do not need to be submitted with Payment Requests, unless specifically requested by the District. However, the Grantee is required to maintain all grant and project records for at least five (5) years from the date the grant is closed, and at least three (3) years from the date of any District audit or the final resolution of any disputed audit exception.

For additional information on payments, refer to pages 25-34 of the Procedural Guide.


January 9, 2020

Closing 1

Upon completion of a development project, the Program Manager conducts a final project inspection to ensure that the project has been completed as described in the project description.

January 9, 2020

Closing 2

The Grantee submits a completed Closing Packet and request for final payment.

January 9, 2020

Closing 3

When all closing documents are properly completed and signed, the District makes Its final payment and closes the grant.

January 9, 2020

Closing 4

For additional information on the closing process, refer to pages 35-37 of the Procedural Guide.

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