Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers regarding Assessments and general questions.

28 Years. Los Angeles County Regional Parks and Open Space District (RPOSD) was created in 1992 when voters approved Proposition A, the Safe Neighborhood Parks Act.

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You can call the Los Angeles County Property Tax Information Line at (213) 974-2111 or toll-free at (888) 807-2111 or CLICK HERE to find information on other resources for property tax questions and information.

The best place to start is to CLICK HERE to watch our video describing the application process. Next you can visit the MANAGE YOUR GRANT page for information on the application process and to download the forms you need to get started.

RPOSD grants have helped fund everything from projects such as Griffith Park and The Hollywood Bowl as well as walking and hiking trails, senior centers, tree planting programs, graffiti removal, playground and fitness equipment, as well as restoration of rivers, streams and beaches throughout Los Angeles County.

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RPOSD is a granting agency and does not own or operate any parks or facilities. If you have questions about your favorite park or recreational amenity, we recommend contacting the agency who owns and operates that facility.