Branding Guidelines

Recognize RPOSD Grant Funding

To acknowledge tax payers’ assistance, grantees are required to display RPOSD’s logo, in a manner most appropriate to the type of project or program funded, in perpetuity.

The visual identity of the Regional Park and Open Space District (RPOSD) is represented and maintained through the standard usage of its logo, seal, typefaces, color palettes, and design templates by us and our partners.  Adherence to our Branding Policy stated in the Grants Administration Manual and the branding guidelines outlined on this page will develop greater awareness of RPOSD  grant-funded projects, highlighting the use of tax payer dollars and the benefits to the community and park-goers across Los Angeles County. 

Acknowledgment Requirement

 To acknowledge tax payers’ assistance, grantees are required to display RPOSD’s logo, in a manner most appropriate to the type of project or program funded, in perpetuity. To help better serve this purpose, we have made our logo is readily available for download and use on this page. Monochrome versions of the logo can also be used for instances where its application would be more appropriate. The branding guidelines here and the policy on Section 1.9 of the Measure A GAM effective March 2021 should facilitate the use of RPOSD logos and District Brand Elements for all partnership purposes. Understanding the RPOSD Branding Policy is an integral component of our grant agreements.

Official Logo

There are three iterations of the RPOSD logo reflective of our brand identity and appropriate for funding acknowledgment. The composition of all iterations consist of the same imaged icon, varying in scale and/or positioning in relation to the name if included.

Smaller version of the RPOSD logo for Meta Data purpsoes.


The seal iteration of our logo is the most comprehensive and compact reflection of our visual brand and identity with a more formal nod to being a government entity.


This logo displays the name of our organization in a stacked format with consideration to limited spacing in width.


This logo displays the name of our organization in a horizontal format with consideration to limited spacing in height.

The RPOSD logo represents our commitment to serving as stewards of parklands through funding projects and programs to build healthy and resilient communities. The unique typographical treatment of our name reflects a welcoming nostalgia as well as conveys a strong, professional look. The simplistic design and imagery, of various aspects of nature with a vanishing point, creates a sense of openness and adventure that RPOSD aims to achieve for Los Angeles County. RPOSD is a government entity with its primary focus on advocating for quality parks and open space for the public.

Color Guide

Our colors are bold, harmonious, and fresh. If the usage of the RPOSD brand cannot meet the color specifications, it is recommended that the logo and icons are used in black and white only.

Light Blue

Pantone: 3105
CMYK: C=54 M=0 Y=14 K=0
RGB: R=102 G=203 B=218
Hexadecimal: 66CBDA

Light Green

Pantone: 362
CMYK: C=74 M=15 Y=100 K=2
RGB: R=75 G=159 B=70
Hexadecimal: 4B9F46

Dark Orange

Pantone: 171
CMYK: C=0 M=79 Y=83 K=0
RGB: R=241 G=93 B=63
Hexadecimal: F15D3F

Dark Blue

Pantone: 654
CMYK: C=100 M=85 Y=30 K=16
RGB: R=26 G=60 B=110
Hexadecimal: 1A3C6E

Dark Green

Pantone: 562
CMYK: C=95 M=34 Y=64 K=19
RGB: R=3 G=111 B=100
Hexadecimal: 036F64

Other RPOSD Brand Elements

Additional graphic icons, including the logos for Measure A and Proposition A, have been created by RPOSD to visually identify and differentiate the multiple aspects to our grant-making business, such as assessments, funding categories, and grant programs. Permission is required prior to the use of these icons by parties outside of RPOSD and icon files will be available once permission is granted. Terms of appropriate use, restrictions, and approval for our official logo also apply to our icons.  The usage of any of these icons is not the equivalent of applying our official logo to fulfill a grant agreement requirement.


Any use of the RPOSD logo and icons requires a written approval from the Grants Officer. Please review the options and confirm your designs with your Grants Officer for approval prior to production.

Acknowledgement of grant award in the form of signage or other appropriate methods is required in perpetuity. Should there be any reason for its removal, temporary or otherwise, RPOSD should be notified beforehand. RPOSD’s approval is required before it can be removed.

Please feel free to contact should you have any questions or concerns regarding the use of RPOSD materials, including those not listed within this page.


The files on this page are available for our grantees’ convenience with the understanding that all our logos and icons will be applied in accordance to their grant agreement in perpetuity. We reserve the right to stop any use of our logos, icons, or other visual branding, if it is not being used in an appropriate manner.

Everything in this box and below are hidden and saved in case of future use.


The circular icon can be easily recognizable and is often used for RPOSD’s more informal internal materials, such as our own social media handles. Grantees and other relevant external parties can use this icon provided that: (1) It accompanies text explicitly identifying our organization. OR (2) The display utilizes a creative method and/or unconventional material that subjects to limitations and warrants the use of the text-less icon over other options.


The official logo must be used appropriately by maintaining the colors, proportions, and design integrity designated here, unless expressly approved in writing by RPOSD. Modifications not mentioned here or/and  required due to manufacturing limitations must be submitted for review and approval prior to production.

Please Do Not
  • stretch, condense or change the dimensions of the logo
  • alter the placement or scale of the elements
  • rotate the logo
  • alter or replace the typefaces of the logo
  • skew or bend the logo in any way
  • use drop shadows, strokes or other visual effects
  • crop the logo
  • add extra elements to the logo
  • use colors other than those mentioned within this guide

Appropriate Use

When applied, the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District’s (RPOSD) logo should appear prominently on external publications and distributions, including outreach-related communications and informational materials, flyers, banners, plaques, and public signage. The intention is to protect the integrity of RPOSD’s logo and to ensure such logos are used in an appropriate manner. The range of suitable methods of appropriate use may vary between a capital project and a program.

Examples of Appropriate Use
  • Park and Open Space Interpretive Signage
  • Outdoor Plaques of Acknowledgment
  • Wayfinding and Directional Signage
  • Program Pamphlets, Brochures, Presentations
  • Banners, Posters, Event Invitations
  • Emails, Web pages, Digital Announcements
  • Community Outreach and Educational Materials
Signage Requirements for
Capital Projects
  1. Signage plans should be included in the application for the project
  2. All projects funded with RPOSD grants must include a posted sign acknowledging grant funds
  3. The sign must include the RPOSD logo
  4. Be approved by RPOSD before installation
  5. Proof of signage must be provided in grant timeline of with first Grant Status Update and prior to request for reimbursement
Outreach Requirements for Programmatic Projects

The outreach methods used should be appropriate in scale and type to the community being served, and must adhere to the language access requirements described in Section 3.3.3. In general, the material should include the RPOSD logo. Other icons associated with RPOSD that would serve as appropriate visual aid specific to the content may also be included in conjunction with the logo upon permission.