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Do you have an idea for an open space project or park program? It might qualify for a Measure A Grant. Find out how to apply for Measure A funding with the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District (RPOSD) on this page.


Check if Your Entity is an Eligible Recipient

The entity applying for RPOSD grants must be eligible to receive Measure A funding. Grant applications are submitted via our Grants Management System (GMS) online. Only individuals whose entities are eligible recipients will be able to register successfully on the GMS as a user.

Entities Eligible for Measure A Funding

+Non-profit Organizations
Non-profit organizations (any charitable organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended) with a mission related to one or more of the following focus areas:

    • Environmental protection and preservation
    • Park, recreation, community services, or facilities
    • Gang prevention and intervention
    • Environmental education and interpretation
    • Tree planting
    • Conservation and preservation of wetlands or lands predominantly in their natural, scenic, historical, forested, or open-space condition
    • Restoration of lands to a natural, scenic, historical, forested, or open space condition
    • Job skills training and educational opportunities for young adults and/or veterans

+Agency of Record
An Agency of Record the responsible public park agency that oversees parks in one or more of the 188 Study Areas in Los Angeles County. For Study Areas located within incorporated cities, the City Community Services Agency or Parks Department is the Agency of Record. For the Study Areas located within the unincorporated areas of the County, the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation is the Agency of Record.

To understand what Study Areas are, please review the Parks Need Assessment (PNA) provided under Step 3.

+Governmental Agency, Special District, or Joint Powers Authority (JPA)
A governmental agency, special district, or joint powers authority (JPA) authorized to acquire, develop, improve, and restore real property for beach, wildlife, park, recreation, community, cultural, open space, water quality, flood control, or gang prevention and intervention purposes within Los Angeles County.


Become a Registered User on GMS

If your entity qualifies as an eligible recipient, register on the Grants Management System (GMS) as a new user associated with the entity to apply for RPOSD grant funding.


Research and Plan for Your Application

Registered users will be able to see funding opportunities that their entities are eligible for. Note that you will not be privy to any closed funding opportunity upon becoming a new registered user. Applications to funding opportunities for Measure A grant programs that your entity is eligible for will be automatically available to you when the window for each respective cycle activates.
At this stage, we highly recommend researching and planning in order to better understand Measure A and prepare for your upcoming application using the following resources:

Measure A funds three types of grant programs. Click on the buttons below to view the informational page we have for each grant program:

Which Eligible Recipient Can Apply for a Competitive Grant?

Funding opportunities in these programs are open to all eligible recipients. Applications undergo rounds of assessments performed by an external panel of evaluators and awarded on a competitive basis.

Which Eligible Recipient Can Apply for an Annual Allocation Grant?

Funding opportunities in these programs are only open to Agencies of Record and designated governmental agencies in the Los Angeles County region. The funding is allocated based on Park Need but is granted only upon RPOSD’s approval of their submitted application for the project.

Non-profit organizations may work with Agencies of Record or the designated governmental agencies in Los Angeles County to execute and deliver the project. If the non-profit organization is the applicant, they must first obtain Jurisdiction Support from the agency to apply for the allocated funds.

Which Eligible Recipient Can Apply for a TAP Grant?

Grant funding opportunity in this program is only open to entities that serve the communities High and Very-high Park Need Study Areas based on the PNA.

Non-profit organizations may take different roles when it comes to TAP – they may be the applicant seeking funds to establish programs especially designed for High and Very-High Park Need Areas or they may already be in partnership with RPOSD as a TAP qualified vendor with cultivated services that an applicant seeks to further strengthen their grants serving High and Very-high Park Need Areas in a different funding category.

Capital projects funded by any of RPOSD’s grant programs will be eligible for additional funding under our Maintenance & Servicing Program (M&S).
See step 5 for more information. 


Apply for a Grant

Submit your grant application to the appropriate funding opportunity during its cycle. Be sure to obtain Jurisdiction Support (Written support to apply for, accept, and administer grant funds from an authorized representative from the head of the applying department, City Manager’s Office, Parks and Recreation department head, City Council, Board of Directors, or other leadership deemed appropriate by applicant) and attach all requested documentation to support your open space project or park program. Although the complete list of required documentation may vary between grant program(s), check out some of the commonly used Grant Forms & Templates here.
The window period for each cycle varies depending on the program. When the application window opens for each opportunity, announcements will be made on:

Important information, including but not limited to the opening of funding opportunities on GMS, will also be announced on this website. Key pages to check are News & Announcements, Press Page, and the News Ticker on our Homepage.


RPOSD’s Grants Section will then review the submissions and follow up with the applicants regarding the next steps. Note that awarding schedules will vary for different programs.

To review how to use the GMS, go back to Step 2.
Preview the cyclical schedules for different Measure A grant programs using the resources listed in Step 3.


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Manage Your Grant

Once funding is awarded, you are now a Grantee of RPOSD and will be assigned a Grants Officer. Your assigned Grants Officer will advise on the next steps in moving your open space project or park program forward. Awarded Grant Projects will also be eligible for funding under Maintenance & Servicing (M&S) Program in the future.
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The steps listed on this page is intended to serve as a high-level guide to receiving funding from RPOSD and we are more than happy provide further explanation if needed. Our general email is, but you may also email to if your question pertains specifically to TAP.


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