Annual Allocation Grant Programs

Measure A funds are derived from an annual special tax on property within Los Angeles County. Measure A funds are distributed into seven funding categories. Each funding category supports specific funding programs, one of them being Annual Allocations.


Annual allocations are distributed to specific grantees on an annual basis using set formulas. The Annual Allocation Programs are:

  • Community-based Park Investment Program (Category 1)
  • Neighborhood Parks, Healthy Communities, & Urban Greening Program (Category 2)
  • Allocation to Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors (Category 3)
  • Allocation to Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation (Category 4)
  • County Cultural Facilities Program (Category 4)
  • County Priority Projects Program (The District’s Board of Directors may allocate up to 2% of total Measure A funds collected each year for eligible projects)

How to Apply

Applications for Annual Allocations Grant Programs are available on RPOSD’s Grants Management System (GMS). After registering on the GMS, eligible agencies or organizations are able to learn about current funding opportunities and then access the appropriate application depending on project type:

  • Annual Allocation Funding – Acquisition
  • Annual Allocation Funding – Development 
  • Annual Allocations Funding – Planning and Design 

RPOSD is excited to receive applications and assist grantees on the next steps to get Measure A funds rolling to park projects and open space initiatives across our county.

Annual Allocation Workshops

Annual Allocation Workflow and Claims Process

RPOSD conducted a workshop to provide an overview of the NEW process to apply for RPOSD’s Annual Allocations grant funds and discussed updates to the Claims Submission process, including an in-depth review of the revised Direct Costs Labor Form. If you were unable to attend and/or would like a refresher, the workshop recording is available below.


The new procedures will become effective with the release of the revised 2024 Grants Administration Manual (GAM), which you can learn more about here.

Annual Allocations Application

RPOSD hosted a series of workshops about the application process when Annual Allocations was first released in 2019 after diligently working with park agencies, community organization, industry experts, and the general public to gain insight and recommendation for Measure A’s effective implementation since voters’ approval in November 2016. Here are the resources we shared:

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