TAP Services

For eligible projects that serve PNA Study Areas designated as High or Very High Park Need

Additional park development consulting services are available for projects that serve communities in High or Very High Park Need Study Areas.  The goal is to achieve park and open space equity by supporting the development of park and open space grant applications that result in: 1) more high-quality park acreage, 2) increased recreational access, 3) trails, 4) improved amenities; and 5) jobs in communities that have been identified as High or Very High Park Need Study Areas in the Los Angeles County Park Needs Assessment.

Navigating the District’s TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE

ON THIS PAGE, you will learn more about TAP SERVICES specialized towards eligible projects that serve PNA Study Areas designated Park ‘High-Need’ or ‘ Very-High-Need’.

If your organization is interested in providing consulting for TAP eligible projects and becoming a Qualified Vendor, you should refer to TAP PARTNERS.

To find the latest information on workshops, toolkits, and other nonspecialized TAP resources available to everyone, you should refer to TAP INFORMATION & RESOURCES.

For general information about Measure A and Proposition A funding, such as accessing details about existing grants on the Grants Management System or maintaining your park inventory on LA Parks Portal, refer to the tabs under GRANTEE on the menu bar.

Are you eligible for TAP Services?

Eligible Park Development Entities must be registered with RPOSD and in Good Standing. These can include:

  • Cities, Unincorporated Areas in Los Angeles County, Joint Power Authorities
  • Non-profits with park development missions
  • Community Based Organizations
  • Schools

The TAP Services on this page refers to an exclusive resource for communities in High or  Very High Park Need Study Areas.

Click on the button below to learn more about how Study Areas are designated and Park Needs are measured.

What are Study Areas with High or Very High Park Need?

Professional Services and Consulting

Technical Assistance Professional Services and Consulting is one element of TAP.  It provides funding for park eligible entities to contract with Qualified Vendors and targets needs across the park development continuum with multiple pathways to obtain assistance over time.

How TAP Eligible Entities Access Consulting Services:
A ‘Needs Assessment’ will be prepared and will form the basis for a Statement of Work.  Qualified Vendors will be asked to respond with bids.
Once a Qualified Vendor is selected, the park eligible entity will submit an application for TAP Services on the RPOSD Grant Management System.  The application must include: Approach, Innovation, Tasks, Schedule, Deliverables, and Budget.  RPOSD TAP will review the application.
The Qualified Vendor can enter into a contract for this work in either of two ways:

  1. The park eligible entity may contract with the Vendor directly.
  2. RPOSD may contract with the Vendor on behalf of the park eligible entity.

RPOSD will maintain a list of Qualified Vendors for the full spectrum of skills needed to support projects across all stages of development.  Park eligible entities interested in obtaining park development Professional Services and Consulting should contact RPOSD TAP.

Support for All Stages of Development

Using the RPOSD Request for Statement of Qualifications, RPOSD will establish a list of qualified Vendors with specialized skills for projects across all stages of park development:

  • Community Outreach and Engagement
  • Development of New Park Idea, Concept, or Innovation
  • Park Planning, Design, and Multi-benefits
  • Application and Grant Writing for Project Funding and Co-Funding
  • Existing Measure A Grantee

If you are a business entity, community-based organization, or individual with adequate experience and skills, you can find additional information about becoming a qualified TAP Partner.

Planning, Design, and Multi-benefits

Grants are available for Planning, Design, and Multi-benefits.  This includes work on Park Master Plans, Feasibility Studies, CEQA and Environmental Permits, Mitigation Plans, Site Plans or Studies, Cost Estimates, and Construction documents.  Multi-benefits include opportunities in Environmental, Community, and Social benefits.  Eligible entities with eligible projects can seek funding by applying for TAP funding through the Grants Management System (GMS).

+Current Active TAP Grant Funding Opportunities
There are currently no active grant opportunities under TAP.
+Upcoming TAP Grant Funding Opportunities
Availability dates for upcoming funding opportunities will be posted here once established.
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Maintenance & Servicing (M&S) of Measure A Grants

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