The L.A. County Regional Park and Open Space District (RPOSD) provides Grantmaking Resources and Technical Assistance to help communities create multi-benefit park projects and programs throughout L.A. County. Funded by Measure A: the LA County Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Measure of 2016, the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) helps public agencies and eligible non-profit organizations gain the skills they need to develop grant proposals, apply for Measure A funding, manage their park projects or programs once grants are awarded.

Watkins County Park
A complete overview of Measure A funding programs
How to register and use the required RPOSD Grants Management System (GMS)

RPOSD has developed resources to assist grant applicants through all stages of their proposed park project or program. Additional tools are being developed and will be available as they are completed. Current RPOSD Grantmaking Resources will be available on this page:

How to plan a park or open space project in your community
Park Planning Handbook – Spanish Version
How to apply to Measure A grant programs
Recommended outside links that can help you access additional funding opportunities and provide you with ideas for designing parks and recreation.

Technical Assistance Program

Our Technical Assistance Program (TAP) will provide multi-year training, park and technical assistance for cities and communities in Very High or High Park Need Areas to support the development of park project and program ideas into new grant proposals for Measure A’s competitive grant programs. The TAP map showing Need Area Groupings can be viewed here.

TAP will include assistance to help:

  • Develop park project proposals that integrate multiple public benefits such as recreation, natural habitat, trails, water, public health, workforce development, education, stormwater reuse, transit and other elements;
  • Develop innovative partnerships to apply for and manage Measure A competitive grants;
  • Overcome challenges associated with developing proposals and applying for Measure A competitive grants;
  • Build long-term organizational capacity.

Who Can Apply for TAP?
A public agency or non-profit organization working in a Very High or High Park Need communities who meets the grant applicant eligibility requirements will be able to request assistance through TAP. The program is currently under development.