• March 10, 2021

A Message from the District Administrator

A Message from the District Administrator

A Message from the District Administrator 1024 720 RPOSD
Dear Community Partners,

On behalf of the Regional Park and Open Space District (District), I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your attendance at our recent Town Halls and Workshops. The District has worked at an aggressive pace over the past year to release the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) and the competitive solicitations to award Measure A funding, as well as to implement necessary safeguards in how those funds are awarded and utilized. Following our two Town Halls on the updates to the Measure A Grants Administration Manual (GAM), we received several insightful written comments and questions surrounding reimbursement for indirect/overhead costs and for community engagement eligible expenses. I have also had the opportunity to discuss these issues with several of you individually.

As I have indicated, the updates to the GAM were designed to: respond to the Los Angeles County Auditor Controller’s corrective action recommendations; adhere to the County’s contracting processes and the County’s Fiscal Manual, and finally follow best practices for a public granting agency, utilizing California State Parks as a model.

While the changes to the GAM are necessary, I am writing to inform you that the District has taken your feedback into consideration and will allow for indirect/overhead costs and eligible expenses for community engagement to be allowable expenses for Measure A, with clear criteria, a cap and grantee requirements for documentation to support the expenditures. The District staff will provide an update to the GAM on March 31, 2021.

Due to the resulting change in timeline, the District will revise the release date for Measure A grant programs for Categories 3 and 4 to April 30, 2021.

I appreciate your collaboration with the District.

Christina Angeles
District Administrator
(626) 588-5024 |Desk
(626) 588-5060 |Main Line

This message was a follow-up to the one sent on March 3, 2021 via email to our mailing list subscribers.

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