The Park Funding 102 meetings will provide an update on the implementation of Measure A and will seek the input of our grantees and elected officials on grant guideline topics including eligibility, annual allocations, competitive grants, and technical assistance.

The meeting will start with a presentation that will provide a brief introduction to the workshop and will include background resource information, the project timeline, an overview of each of the four stations and the “next steps” of Measure A.

All meeting materials have been organized by station number and can be found at the links below.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming Park Funding 102 meeting, please see the list below for meeting dates, times, and locations and contact Sara Keating at for more information.


Station 1 will do the following:

  • Review eligibility requirements
  • Understand the enrollment process and requirements
    • Enrollment Meeting
    • Park Needs Assessment Update
    • Jurisdiction Support
    • RPOSD Contract Terms

Station 3 will do the following:

  • Review available funds in each grant category
  • Review and prioritize draft evaluation criteria
  • Preview draft grant calendar
  • Review and comment on award sizes and brackets
  • Review, rank, and add example project types

Station 4 will do the following:

  • Provide feedback on suggested types of technical assistance and appropriate delivery methods
  • Ask participants to share their experience receiving technical assistance to inform best practices
  • Provide a sign-up opportunity to express interest in receiving or providing technical assistance
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