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Safe, Clean Neighborhood Parks and Beaches Protection Measure of 2016

Voter Approval of Measure A Will Continue Funding for Parks, Open Space and Natural Local Water Resources


Interest Bearing Account Requirement Update

There has been an update to the language in the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District’s Procedural Guide regarding the Escrow Instructions for acquisition projects.


Update and Information Sheets for Potential Local Ballot Measure

Our communities have relied on local, voter-approved funding to protect and maintain our neighborhood parks, outdoor areas and water resources for the last 20+ years. With the current funding due to expire in 2019, the Board of Supervisors (Board) directed Los Angeles Regional Park and Open Space District (RPOSD) to prepare a potential local ballot measure to continue this essential locally-controlled funding.

The Board also directed RPOSD to develop an information and education program to ensure that various communities within the County understand where their tax dollars have been expended. Local community information sheets have been prepared to share with you which local parks and recreation facilities have received grants funds from the RPOSD to date. To see the parks near you, click on your city’s name below.


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Potential Local Ballot Measure

On March 31, 2016, RPOSD introduced the Potential Local Ballot Measure at the Quarterly Park Summit Meeting. The Potential Local Ballot Measure would continue what Prop A started in 1992, the essential locally-controlled funding that protects parks in cities and communities throughout LA County.

To see how the District proposes to divide and allocate the local funding collected from the potential ballot measure for the development and maintenance of parks in our communities please take a look at the Potential Ballot Measure Chart.